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cleaning contractors Melbourne

Top 6 Factors To Consider

When Hiring

Cleaning Contractors



Cleaning contractors Melbourne help make your home, office or business premises to shine and sparkle. Cleaning contractors offer a broad range of services ranging from simple to detailed premises or home cleaning. People are always looking for one time or regular cleaning service providers. Most contractors offer both and it is important to spend time searching for a cleaning contractor that meets your needs. However, you need to decide whether you want to contract an individual cleaner or a cleaning company. Here are some of the vital factors to consider before hiring a cleaning contractor:


a.      Liability Insurance

It is important to hire cleaning contractors Melbourne who hold liability insurance. Though a bond is good, it is not sufficient to cover for any damages that may occur as the cleaners work in your home or office. Ask the prospective cleaner to provide insurance proof and check the policy’s expiry date and limits. Ask question regarding coverage in case of theft. Most bonds do not offer protection unless the thief gets convicted. Liability insurance protects the company, yourself and the workers as well.


b.      Number of Cleaners to do the Job

You need to find out how many people will be coming over to clean your office or home. In addition, find out whether the cleaners will be employees of the cleaning company or independent contractors. Generally, a company has more control over its staff than it has on sub-contractors. In the event that they are sub-contractors, you need to know who will be responsible in case a problem arises.


c.      Get information about Screening

Find out about any screening measures that the cleaning contractor performs on its subcontractors or employees. These are people that will be left in your office or house, sometimes in your absence and you need to feel comfortable and safe. You may want to find out details about any drug tests and background checks that the company performs on its employees.


d.     Training of Cleaning Crew

Before hiring cleaning contractors Melbourne, find out the level of training that is offered to the cleaning crew. Though it may be assumed that cleaning is just a basic skill, not all people have similar levels of cleaning capabilities. Cleaning contractors need to clean your office, business premises or home in an effective, safe and efficient way.


e.      Description of Services

It is important to get a detailed description of the different cleaning services that the contractor offers. You need to know what services the contractor considers to be standard and which ones are considered extra services. For instance, find out whether surfaces such as furniture and floors need to be cleared of any clutter before cleaners arrive. Clarify whether services such as silver polishing, oven cleaning and mildew cleaning are considered additional. Also, talk about the kind of cleaning products the company uses and consider the use of environmental friendly products.


f.        Cost of Service

Find out how much the cleaning contractors Melbourne charge for their services. Most contractors charge differently for varying services. There are those that offer special prices for regular well-scheduled services or bundled packages. It is best to get a detailed list of prices and ask about cost of items not included in the list.