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educational psychologists Johannesburg

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Human beings behave differently in different life situations. Patterns of behavior in educational situations differ from those of the industrial situations. Consequently several independent branches of applied psychology have been established. Educational psychology is a branch of specialized branch of psychology. Educational psychology is nothing more or less than the application of psychological principles to the problems of education. Educational psychology studies human behavior in teaching learning situations at schools. Therefore, nowadays every schools and colleges have the facility or the provision of one psychologist. Educational psychology aims at improvement and advancement of learning. Modern psychology is the science of behavior. Educational psychology is an applied branch of psychology, studies behavior of individuals when they are undergoing the process of education.


The scope of educational psychology becomes much limited if we consider it as tool for teaching and learning at schools. This notion also narrows down the real significance of education. The process of education continues unceasingly till death. Education encompasses entire period of an individual’s life. According to the modern psychologists the total life span of every individual is within the purview of educational psychology.


Some of the most famous educational psychologists Johannesburg are as follows:

  • Lynda Blore
  • Charles Potter
  • Carina Van Vuuren
  • Lida Moller


These educational psychologists Johannesburg are very much famous in their locality. They have a proper certified degree of psychology. These psychologists have so demand that they are invited in various schools and colleges also to have a look of the different students.