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When you visit a hotel or a restaurant, all you want is up to the mark service and good food with outstanding quality and taste. This is why, France is the capital of all these things; quality, food taste and amicable service. Their hospitality is the best in the world and people often visit France, not only for visiting exciting places, but also for taking in their hospitality. In fact, if you have not tried France food and dishes, then you are missing the epitome of the culinary in the world. And, if you are yet to experience the service of their hotels and see how they keep it in the best shape, then you have missed a lot. This is why, the next time you decide you visit Europe, make sure you plan a trip to France. And, make sure you visit Carcassonne, the historical town.


Why would you want to visit France and Carcassonne?

Well, there are many reasons why a person and his family of course, can visit France and Carcassonne. From visiting the world famous, Eiffel Towers to shopping, you can do many things while you are in France. Paris alone has various interesting places on which you can spend your time. Also, you can visit many museums and historically vintage places where you are in France. And, do remember to fill your pockets when you are coming to the fashion capital of the world, as you are bound to do some extensive shopping. France is also the gateway to Europe, this because of its strategic placement in the map. If you are in France, you can visit any of the surrounding countries in Europe without any effort. This is because; most of them are very nearby, so it becomes very convenient.

The French are always welcoming:

Many tourists, not only from Europe, but from all over the world, visit France to feel their warmth and love. French people are very particular about welcoming all the guests and their people are welcoming to everyone. This is why; there are various hotels where you can spend your time without any problems. In fact all the hotels of Carcassonne always experience full housing because of their demands. So, make sure, you advance book a motel or a chambres d’hôtes carcassonne, when you are planning to visit there.

What is there to see in Carcassonne?

This is a small city in France, but, it is very famous the Cité de Carcassonne. It is a medieval fort and it features in the list of World Heritage Sites made by UNESCO. The place attracts millions of people and tourism from all around the world because of this manmade marvel. Not only this, the place is also very famous for his vineyards and wine tasting. The town has many vineyards and people come here to enjoy their vines. The area has very good climate all thought out the year, and hence, people often come here to take pleasurable time off from their busy life.