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Hair transplant clinic in Lahore

Fue Hair Transplant

Recovery Time


Hair transplant in Lahore by Follicular unit extraction  is considered as the minimal invasive surgery as compared to FUT hair restoration surgery. But it is very important for the patient to know about the facts about healing and recovery after hair transplant surgery, in order to  avoid any complication.


Recovery time of FUE hair transplantation

As FUE is considered to be the least painful and the best procedure for the hair transplantation, most of the people believe that the hair transplant recovery process will pass easily by taking two to three weeks for the stitches to heal without trouble. Consulting the doctor is the most important part, in order to get all the previous and latest medicines that are to be taken within the last three weeks. The doctor will suggest the patient about which medicine to be taken during the operation and in the recovery time. There are different guideline ´s given by the doctors at the surgery and the  medicines vary from patient to patient. There are certain post-operative basic steps that are to be followed after the hair transplant surgery, to get guaranteed quick healing along with the prevention of the new transplanted hair follicles from any harm.


The first night after the surgery is very alarming, as many patients take it very casually and go back to work and daily routine within the first three days of the surgery. This should be avoided as bending the head and lifting it over should be avoided for at least seven days after the surgery. Alcohol and any other medication like aspirin should be avoided by the patient after the surgery as it limits the flow of the blood and even some vitamins should be avoided for a few days in order to prevent any abnormal bleeding.


As in the FUE procedure individual follicles are harvested thus there are tiny stitches, a bandage is often put on the head to protect the issues that can cause any kind of damage on the back side of the head.


FUE procedure is adopted by most of the patients for being less painful, but after the surgery the patient might get swelling which is mainly painless but can occur around the forehead or the eyes. This swelling will get disappear within two to three days after the operation. The sleeping posture is very important, to sleep together with your upper body and making your head lifted up by the cushion is the best way.


Revisiting the hair transplant clinic in Lahore for getting the check up is also very important during the recovery time. The bandage will be taken off by washing the head as the newly transplanted area will be exposed. Advices by the doctor for treating and cleaning the newly transplanted hair is given at the clinics. The right type of hair wash is very necessary as the next four days are very important in the recovery of the surgery. If the hairs are washed properly without damaging the grafts, the hair will progress well in the transplanted area. Smoking should be avoided during the recovery time as it damages the healing process and increase the chances of getting an infection or scarring. For at least three months, the head should be avoided from the sunlight as it damages the transplanted area.