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Office Cleaning Tips


Office is a place meant for executing commercial activities. Keeping the office clean is of utmost importance. A clean office can help in creating a positive environment that will encourage the employees to enhance their productivity. It will also help in creating a favorable impression in the minds of business partners and clients. This article offers some pertinent office cleaning tips that will enable you keep your office neat and clean.


  • You can hire the services of an employee for maintaining cleanliness in your office. He can be given instructions which he has to follow regularly in order to keep the office in proper order.   
  • Have a chart containing instructions related to office cleanliness pasted on an office wall or the main notice board of the office. This chart should contain simple instructions like any unnecessary papers have to be thrown in the garbage bin, the various things should not be moved from where they belong etc. 
  • Each office item should be assigned a particular location and should not be moved from there unnecessarily.
  • The number of items placed on a desk should be limited.  Any material that is not utilized frequently should be kept inside drawers or other storage places.
  • The keyboards and the monitor should be wiped daily in order to prevent the dust particles from settling on them.
  • The office phone must be wiped regularly with a cloth treated with cleaning spray.
  • The office fridge must be monitored regularly. Any food items that have not been used until they are suitable for consumption must be disposed off. This will help you in preventing the fridge from becoming overcrowded. 
  • If any food item has been spilled in the office microwave then it should be cleaned immediately. In case of delay, the food will dry up and it would be difficult to clean up the microwave.
  • In case of you have kept plants in your offices, they must be taken good care off. They should be watered consistently and the dry or dead leaves must be removed regularly.
  • Take regular care of the cleanliness of your office furniture by dusting them periodically.
  • Take proper care of the path which your clients will walk through upon entering your office. In case you find any sort of disorder in that path, you must get it rectified immediately. Any sort of untidiness observed by the client could act as the difference between your acquiring and losing a business opportunity.
  • The office should be vacuumed at least once a week.
  • The office windows must be cleaned regularly to prevent the dust particles from settling on them.  
  • In case you are unable to manage the cleanliness of your office through in-house staff then you must hire specialized office cleaning services. Office cleaners Melbourne are well known for offering excellent cleaning services in commercial properties.


By following the above stated tips you will certainly be able to keep your office neat and attractive.