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office cleaning Melbourne CBD

3 Tips For Getting

Reliable Office Cleaning

Melbourne Cbd Service


Cleaning professional offices is very different from cleaning an apartment or a house. This same rule applies to offices; there are no two commercial areas or offices that are exactly the same. Understanding the art of cleaning becomes a big factor in ensuring that an office cleaning Melbourne CBD Company dispatches the right employees to clean your office.  The cleaning company should consider the expertise of their employees and the customer’s cleaning needs before sending cleaners over to clean offices or commercial.


For instance, a cleaner who is great at cleaning large commercial areas and carpets should not be sent to clean a relatively small doctor’s office. As a contractor of office cleaning Melbourne CBD Company, there are several ways through which you can know whether a cleaning company is reliable or not. Here are some useful tips that might want to use:


Call the Company’s Office

Call the office cleaning Melbourne CBD office a couple of times and ask different questions. Each time you call the company’s customer service level need to be consistent, keep checking for the company’s level of professionalism and take note. Call at least five cleaning companies and take note every time. This enables you to collect enough information to enable you make an informed decision later on.


Request for an Over-the-Phone Quotation

If the company gives you a quote on phone, that’s a red light. Irrespective of how big or small the quotation is, a reliable office cleaning Melbourne CBD always seeks to visit your office first to see the space. Even though they give you an estimate on phone, they will insist on taking a look at the space as well as meet up with your first before providing you with an accurate quote. Some cleaning companies use state-of-the-art software to estimate costs but they still need to see the space in order to provide accurate quotes and detailed proposals for the client to review. 


Weigh the Costing

If the office cleaning Melbourne CBD Company quotes a very low price, there are high chances that you will be changing your cleaning service provider pretty soon or you will become accustomed to mediocrity. If you want to position your business above your competitors, then contracting a cheap cleaning company isn’t the best way to go. Price determines how long a company schedules its cleaners to work in a specific location. If you pay a few dollars, then you are bound to get minimum attention to cleaning details.


You may want to consider a longer contract in order to capitalize on discounts. This can be a great way of getting better prices and better services. Some cleaning companies offer both month to month as well as bi annual contracts. Contracts than run over one year tend to be charged lower.  You may also want to consider making your payments in advance. This can enable you to save some more money because there are cleaning companies that offer a percentage off per account.