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Take A Break To Have

Take A Break To Have

Life Changing Breakfast

At Carcassonne


How many of us can avoid a romantic gate out with our spouse or family during a short break? Several tourists love to enjoy the natural sun and texture in a site that is out of the touch of honk ponks of metro city. France in Europe is one of the famous country for the world travellers because of its medieval charm and historical attractions. To relish the charm of the country in an antique way, one must make a visit to the Carcassonne. This is a guarded township under the region of Languedoc-Roussillon. This Aude plain hamlet is being occupied from the Neolithic time period. The Aude plain is standing at a strategic point connecting the area to Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea. Roman occupied this space after learning its strategic point. There is a medieval fortress standing by drawing the picture of its ancient view to the visitors in the name of Cité de Carcassonne. UNSECO has added this fortress under its World Heritage Site by understanding its authentic old aura and charm.


A glimpse of the fortress hilltop Carcassonne

Carcassonne hilltop is one of the famous romantic gateway for the people living in and around country France. The fortress is sitting quietly over the charging hill beside the lustrous Mediterranean Sea on one side and raging Atlantic on another. Breakfast in this hilltop area can be one of the sweetest moment for anyone or any tourist. This township claims its beauty from the people who lived and ruled this ancient site once upon a time. The backbone of the township is the tourism. However, this place is famous for the wine production and manufacturing works also. There are several winery serving some of the world’s best wine by producing here. The taste, colour and fragrance are attracting the interested tourist like a flock of seasonal birds all over the year. Generally, summer and autumn are the best season to visit this sea kissed area. However, one can think of a winter outing too. Several culinary delicacies are found in this area to serve the curve of the touristswith some good food. France is known for its serving of some best food. Some of its example can be found here too.


The cost of lodging and food

chambres d’hôtes carcassonne is apt as per the pocket load of the tourist. They are not costly and affordable for any budget friendly tourist group. Freshly baked bakery items, different type of sauces and dips, exotic seafood, fine wine can bring a big smile on the face of any tourist spending their quiet moments. They can take a stroll after gulping down the delicacy around the fortress and learn some good information on its historical chapter. The natural view of the township can take breathe away from anyone with its charm too. The township is restored to keep alive its ancient luxurious charm for many decades. This is heavily guarded to stop any intrusion attack of any other unwanted people too.