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The Place In France

The Place In France

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The most beautiful and well built Chambre d’hôtes a gîtes albi for tourists are a great place for your relaxing holiday without you having to make much effort in adjusting as everything is designed and arranged keeping the comforts and priorities of the visitors in mind. The place is located really close to the attractions, ensuring that the tourists enjoy themselves and the stay is comfortable.


Albi is a beautiful commune located in south of France. The place is located on river Tarn and is a part of UNESCO world heritage site.


  • The first ever settlements in Albi were somewhere in 3000-600 BC that was in the Bronze Age. The place shows that it is a modest Roman settlement as it did not show any sign of old Roman architecture even after the Roman conquest of Gaul. It was in 51 B.C the place was the territory of Albigeois, it was Civitas Albigensium of Albiga.
  • The architecture showed gîtes albi and constructions of the Pont Vieux the Old bridge. The constructions were a sign that the civilization was moving towards growth and urbanization.  The place became rich culturally and architecturally during this time. All this is due to trade and commerce, which began with neighboring areas creating exchange.
  • The place has become rich due to increase revenue, which were a part of the tolls that was received from travelers as fees who was using the old bridge (Pont Vieux). This place still is an attraction to tourists.


The place is rich in many tourist attractions and hence there are lots of gîtes albi that allow visitors to stay over when they visit the place. The chambre d’hôtes a albi is most popular and suited for tourists who aim at staying close to the location.


The place is built around the cathedral, which covers a huge area of 63 acres, the vacances albi is covered touring around the cathedral and nearby building which are rich Roman architecture and allow the tourists to travel to the 13th century in a jiffy.  The Sainte Cecile cathedral is a great Gothic building which was built in the 13th and 15th century. The place has magnificent interiors and have strong defensive exterior. The vacances albi arrangements are mainly arranged thinking the suitable time to visit the place after the sumptuous bed and breakfast albi has to offer.


Albi has a school that is equipped for 500 students which is inside an old monastery. The museum is a masterpiece with 1000 works from famous artists. 31 world famous are a part of this museum which attracts most of the tourists to this museum. The collection is one of the largest artistic works devoted to Toulouse-Lautrec. The discoveries of explorers like Jean-Francois de Galaup and Comte de laperouse re also commemorated in the museum, they were born in albi and are respected for their contribution to the world. The bed and breakfast albi hotels and motels also have a huge display of such work which adds to the tourism. The place is beautiful and one can only realize when they visit Albi and take in the beauty by themselves.