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Travel destination Bali, Indonesia, is one of the most desirable places to visit in Asia. What are the best accommodations in Bali? Having lived in Indonesia for 30 years, I can answer that question in several ways.


As part of this article, I will tell you my family’s preference for when we visit Bali. But, are the things my family likes going to fit what you want? I would like to think they would, but we are all different so our choices to stay might not at all fit your needs.


The best thing that I can do is give my advice on the best way for you to find the best accommodation in Bali on your own.  I can help you out with best Travel Insurance.


Do You Have a Trusted Travel Agent?

If you are a seasoned traveller and have a travel agent that you trust, I suggest you visit with them. Use some of the resources about Travel Insurance given in this article. Then put that trusted travel agent to work finding the best Bali accommodations for you.


Making Reservations On Your Own

The way to do the best job finding your ideal Bali accommodations is to do some research. In my opinion, there are two resources you need to use. 


If you have in Indonesia have them contact the American Women’s Association Jakarta. Have your contact in Indonesia at this number, (62-21) 726-6281 or 7279-5256


The AWA buyers guide is a treasure trove of information. It is available from the American Women’s Association Center. For the “best price” on the buyer’s guide, you should buy direct from the AWA. Contact them at (62-21) 726-6281, or (62-21) 7279-5256 .  The number 62 is the Indonesia country code with 21 code for Jakarta. A person calling from inside Indonesia drops the country code. What you want to get your hands on is the American Women’s Association Center shoppers guide. There are great hints and tips in that guide for places to stay and buy in major Indonesian cities.


Should you not already have a trusted travel agent you can use an online hotel reservation site. I have tried several. For my money and time, Trivago.com is the best. The best thing is the depth to which you can filter available accommodations. More important, Trivago ensures you get the best price because they offer you the best deals. Trivago also vets testimonial information as much as possible.


Our Family’s Bali Accommodation Choices

Mountain Accommodations - Ubud is our favorite "Non-Beach Area"

  • Kupu-Kupu Barong Villas and Tree SpaHotel - Ubud, Indonesia
  • The Jungle Retreat By Kupu-Kupu Barong 
  • Amandari Hotel - Ubud, Indonesia
  • Amandaru Hotel - Ubud, Indonesia

Bali Beach Accommodations

  • Aman Nusa Hotel - Nusa Dua, Indonesia
  • Bali Hyatt - Sanur, Indonesia
  • Ramayana Resort & Spa - Kuta Beach, Indonesia
  • The Kuta Playa Hotel - Kuta Beach, Indonesia


Any of those fine accommodations would serve you and your family in fine fashion. They are a wide range of prices. The more research you do on your own, the better the result will be. I can assure you that each of these facilities are good accommodations and good value for the price. Some of them are world class places to stay.