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Undiscovered Beauty Of Albi


The Undiscovered

Beauty Of Albi


Albi is a well known and well designed city in France. Though it’s still developing and realizing its importance as a tourist attraction. The gîtes albi provide beautiful French architecture and the Vacances albi spots show the rich and sumptuous history of the place. Albi is a French provincial settlement that has up until now ignored its own value. The whole attention to the place was brought to the place in the year 2009 when the place was brought under the UNESCO’s list of world heritage sites.


The place has a lot to offer but suffered due to its geographical location, the town is situated a little aloof from the main tourist attractions in France that created sufferings for the place in terms of loss suffered by Albi regarding tourism. But that situation has been removed and a motorway link that connects with Toulouse is now fully functioning and that allows easy travel for tourists and allows vacances albi a great choice.


The Chambre d’hôtes a albi guesthouse is one of the most popular place for a stay with the bed and breakfast Albi style the place is situated close to the albi tourist attractions that allow the tourist less travel time and more relaxing and fun time.


  • The tarn is Albi’s most interesting small city with Cecilia’s cathedral. The place provides a great combination of string and well built exteriors with unique and delicate interiors. It is one of the finest gothic constructions in France. It was constructed in 13 and 15t century portraying the bringing back of power under Rome in the era.
  • The Bishop’s palace is another magnificent building that now houses the Toulouse Lautrec museum. The gîtes albi surrounding the place also offer stay for tourists as it adds to their income. The museum hosts the collection of work which sums up to 1000 such masterpiece out of which 31 are a part of world’s greatest collection.
  • The place is surrounded by old houses and historic Albi buildings that attracts tourists, mainly towards the XIIth and XIIIth collegial saint Salvi’s church. The streets are narrow here but many houses offer bed and breakfast albi stay for backpackers.


For staying in albi there are a lot of places one can choose from. The Gaillac is a place situated in a vineyard which offers the tourist a great opportunity to taste the wine and check out the old villages that surrounds the area. This would be west of albi you would be staying in. Carmaux is another favorite which is in the north of Albi and has interesting places to visit. It has an old coal mine, which is now closed but still offer a great peek-a-boo in the old work life and the hugeness of the area. There is a guided tour that lets you know the history and the trade realities of the past. chambre d’hôtes a albi is a liked stay by tourists when they visit Albi. One can chose to stay anywhere in the place and can roam around to explore the whole area, it is not difficult to travel here with easy road and narrow streets that take you anywhere you want.