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What You Don't Know About Investing In Baltimore Could Be Costing You Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars

Are You Getting A Secured 30% Return On Your Investments?

I Bet You Would Be Surprised To See How Baltimore Is A Real Estate Investor's Dream! One of the things I love most about my what I do, is I get to help people make money. With over 20 years experience in the business, I've learned to spot opportunity.

Is There Any Risk In A Real Estate Investment

There's risk in real estate, just as there is with any investment. However, when you have the opportunity to work with a company that has 20+ years of experience delivering great returns for it's investors from across the country, your risk is substantially mitigated.

What Does Alive Investments Do?

Simply put, we sell Baltimore Investment Properties in Baltimore, Maryland. Why Baltimore? Well despite what you may have seen on the news lately, there has been tremendous revitalization occurring in the area. Baltimore is one of the hottest rental markets in the nation right now. And our investors are very often seeing returns of 30% or even more. Our company specializes in locating distressed properties. Once we've located a property that we know is in a stable rental area, we purchase the property and then send in one of our teams of contractors to rehab the property. Once completed, you end up with is a newly rehabbed property that will produce significant cash flow for you for years to come. Our team has been doing this in Baltimore for over 20 years. We know Baltimore. We know which areas are the best to invest in. We know where people are looking for rentals, o we focus on buying in those areas. We also handle all property management and tenant placement. In fact, almost all of the properties we sell to our investors actually are located in areas where we have waiting lists of folks looking for a rental home. It's a huge win/win for everyone involved. Tenants are looking for properties, and investors are looking to get some incredible returns on their money.

Why Is Baltimore Such A Strong Rental Market?

The need for affordable housing in Baltimore is peaking beyond the number of available units. We buy properties via tax liens for a fraction of what it would normally cost to buy these properties. We quickly renovate them and rent them out. Currently Baltimore has a vouchered waiting list of over 20,000! Chances are, if you've been involved in real estate investing, you are investing in properties that may take years to recoup your entire cash investment. In Baltimore, our clients are seeing their investment come clean in as little as 2 years!! I challenge you to find a city anywhere in the entire nation that can provide you with the type of returns you will get by purchasing Baltimore Investment Properties here in Baltimore, MD. On average our clients are paying about $50,000 for a newly rehabbed house that will rent for $1200 to $1400 a month. I have spokn with current and prospective client investors from Chicago, Nashville, Long Island, D.C., Houston, Denver, Seattle and San Francisco. All across the nation, savvy investors are starting to realize that to get the absolute largest return on their money they need to invest in Baltimore.

What Kind Of Return Can I Expect Investing In Baltimore Rental Properties?

Let's take a look at a block of 5 properties. You can buy 5 properties for $50,000.00 each. Those 5 properties will each rent for $1300 per month. In just over 3 years you've fully recouped your entire initial investment. From that point on, you will continue to collect $6,500.00 per month in rent. That's $78,000.00 in rent underwritten by the United States government. (excluding any annual increases) a month. This represents an annual return of over 31%. (Gross-Pre-Tax)

How Do You Find Out More About Investing In Baltimore Rental Properties

If you are an investor, and you would like to find out how the Alive Investments team can help you realize a 20-30% on your money, please give us a call today at 410-456-2306. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you and transparently provide you with any and all information that you may need to make a very informed decision to invest with us. You can also visit us on the web at www.aliveinvestments.properties.